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Creating fresh and engaging financial content for your website

There is a well-established axiom: ‘Content is king’. Content is the entire reason the Web exists and why a large percentage of your prospective clients spend an average of 20 hours a week wired into their browsers.

At Goldmine Media, we believe that targeted and relevant financial content creation is one of the most effective tactics or techniques used for building traffic through search engine optimisation (SEO) – possibly even more so than SEO landing pages, keyword research, social media integration and link building.

Lasting shelf life

Creating custom, high-quality, relevant, informative and compelling content is imperative to the success of your website. One simple way to create fresh content is to repurpose content.

If you’ve chosen your topics well, your content is likely to have a lasting shelf life, which means that the topic will have as much value in subsequent posts as it did with the original post. Revisiting a critical tax issue or a changing market trend, or a discussion around investment strategies, is always worthwhile when it continues to impact your audience. Breaking down any complex topic in different ways will always be appreciated by your readers.

Another approach to repurposing content is taking the same content and using it in a new way to further engage your website visitors. Reusing information in multiple ways is beneficial for both you and your prospects or clients. Once again, remember how important it is to position yourself as an industry expert by providing educational content to help your audience meet their needs.

A different perspective

Repurposed content ideas are easy to devise. All you need to do is take an original title and add the word ‘Update’ or ‘What we learned from…’ and then write about the topic from a different perspective or with updated information. If you’ve got a lot of material saved over a period of time, try reusing it but in a different form. Word to page converter will help with the layout on the page.

If you’ve written a dozen blog articles on a particular topic, then why not put all of the articles together in one easy-to-read publication? Contact Goldmine Media today to discuss creating your own fully personalised brochure, guide or ezine.

Oliver Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing, Goldmine Media

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