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Creating high-quality content should be a major focus for financial advisers

Strengthening your online presence will rely on producing high-quality content, and for many financial advisers this poses a new challenge, a new element to factor into their strategic planning. But creating engaging, quality content needn’t be a daunting task. Yes, it takes additional time in research, planning and skill in writing, but people within your business have vast experience in their respective fields, and your company has diverse interests and stories through its staff and affiliations. You just need to work out how to find and share these elements in an engaging way – one which allows you to showcase your advisory firm’s expertise and reinforce your company values.

Quality content is what your clients want to read, not what you want to tell them. This is an important point in creating great content, but there are a few other elements to consider which will also help you create better brand stories:

1. Content underlines the mission of a business
This feeds better relationships with the brand, and social media is all about building relationships. Strong stories that reinforce the aims and values of your financial advisory firm have the potential to establish an emotional connection with your audience, which will, in turn, maximise the reach potential of your content. Establishing the humanity of your business and the link between your brand and the reader’s daily life is a key element of story-based content.

2. Does the content align with your firm’s strategic goals and values?
You need to have a strategic plan for social media and measurable goals for achievement. Once these are established, any content you create needs to be cross-checked against these goals to ensure it fits into the overall strategy. Maybe you choose to do a story about the company’s sponsorship of a local sports team, for example. Whatever it is, once you have an idea down, you need to ensure the desired results align with, and reinforce, your strategic objectives.

3. Does the content inform and offer a new angle on a topic?
Finding a unique angle can be difficult, but it’ll ensure your content is more compelling and shareable. One thing to keep in mind is that no one but you can tell your story. Every person has something unique to say. This also relates to your firm – no one else has the same experience as your company. Can you find a way to present a story that offers something new and, ideally, something with heart? This is probably the most challenging aspect of creating great content and one which may require the assistance of a professional writer.

4. Attention to detail is the difference between good and great
Attention to detail elevates your work to the next level. It may take longer, it may be a pain to check and re-check, but it will shine through in the end. Everyone makes mistakes, but as long as you can press save, and honestly know you’ve done all you can to ensure it’s the best it can be, then you’re on the right track.

5. Is this something you would want to read and, more importantly, share with your followers and connections?
If you regularly read other articles, think about how many of those articles you feel a compulsion to share. Think about why you want to share them. Consciously think over what makes the content you share ‘shareable’, then apply those findings to your work. Does your content stack up? Can it be more shareable?

There’s no definitive guide to what will and won’t be shared, but hopefully these points will help you expand your thinking on how you approach the challenge of content creation and give you a better idea of the direction you want to take for your business.

Paul Bearman, Senior Editor, Goldmine Media

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