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Designing the ideal email template for your business

Your email represents you, your company and your product or service, and it is very similar to the cover of a book: the cover is a huge selling point and often differentiates the bestsellers from the rest of the pack.

Here are a few simple ways to create a bestselling book cover for your business:

Speak directly to your target audience
The theme of a book is represented in all parts of its cover and should speak directly to the target audience as well as giving them an idea of what lies within the pages of the book. This relates to your email because the theme, brand and goal of your email should encompass everything you’re communicating. Your text, images and links should clearly show why your contacts should read your email. Link your call-to-action (‘Sign up now!’) or provide a phone number where they can talk to an adviser. Utilise both image and text links; have both link types appear at the top and bottom of the email, and use professional imagery – not clipart.

Grab your recipient’s attention
The subject line and the headlines within your email are as important as the title and chapter titles are to a book. You only have one subject line to get your recipients to open your email and three seconds to grab their attention when they open it. A headline is defined as a beneficial and relevant promise to the right people. When creating a headline, you need to ask yourself who the RIGHT people are.

Use the right images
Illustrations on a book cover are very compelling. Your images should not be overlooked or overbearing but should communicate your goal and represent your brand and proposition. Keep in mind the hierarchy of text and images to create a well-balanced flow of information. Remember that some of your recipients will have images blocked on their incoming emails.

Spark the reader’s interest
The content of your message should be authentic and concise. The key to success is to offer concrete, eye-catching material that sparks the reader’s interest; you typically have three seconds for your recipient to decide if your email is worth reading. If you have more to say, utilise links to continue your communications with your recipients. Make sure your content represents your firm and your voice. Market your services, keeping in mind how they stand out among other financial advisory firms. Constantly be answering the question, ‘Why would a person choose us over our competitors?’

Paul Bearman, Senior Editor, Goldmine Media

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