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Establishing credibility through your online presence

Are you new to the financial adviser marketing game or just starting to utilise digital marketing strategies? Either way, one of the best ways to succeed online is through establishing credibility through your online presence.

So how can you be seen as an expert in your financial niche? In this blog, we’ll look into why you need to establish yourself as a credible financial professional online and the three steps to take to do so.

Why you should use your website to establish credibility

Your website is the best channel to prove your credibility. Starting with a clean, well-functioning site is a great platform for your professional image. Statistically, over 40% of web traffic view a bad website as a reflection of a business – associating a web presence with a business practice is commonplace.

Add publications you’ve been featured in

From your local paper to an online blog, if you’ve been asked to contribute to any sort of publication, then the chances are you were seen as a reliable source. Link to the article on your site or just have the publication’s logo featured on a section of your website. Although potential clients may not take the time to read your contributions, having them available on your website shows that your take on an issue is valid.

Add certifications

Like featured publications, showcasing certifications is a great way to demonstrate your qualifications. The chances are that some people might not know what all these certifications actually entail, but the right audience will at least recognise their value.

Create valuable content for your targeted clients

Do you specialise in retirement planning? How about financial planning for a specific community, such as doctors or lawyers? It’s important to understand your client persona. When your content is curated towards a particular client persona, your authority comes through the tone of your content. You will often speak from experience, instead of just researched information from the Internet. Web visitors are more savvy than we often give them credit for, and, more often than not, authenticity is translated through your content.

Overall, your website is a great place to showcase your skills and talents. You provide such valuable services as a financial adviser, so this is not the place to be modest about it.

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Goldmine Media

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