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Growing your financial advisory firm with Twitter

A lot of businesses have taken to social networking in droves to market, advertise and attract new clients. Twitter is a powerful platform for busy business owners to connect with a huge population of potential clients. Twitter lets your business tweet short updates in 140 characters or less and reach out to your fans, followers and prospects.

Aside from being an extremely convenient method of social networking, Twitter offers some great ways to leverage their services to expand your financial advisory business.

Client interaction
Interaction is probably the most important element of social networking that can help your financial advisory firm expand. Twitter lets you reach your clients and fans in real-time, and they can share and respond to your messages just as quickly.

Marketing tools
Twitter’s marketing tools let you create custom Twitter buttons and widgets for your website to better leverage your feed. You can also take advantage of Twitter ads to use paid promotion to reach a larger audience.

New updates
Keep your clients and followers in-the-know with fast, simple updates on the goings-on in your company. It takes very little time and effort to use Twitter to open a channel with your clients.

Going viral
Tweets are prime candidates for viral material. The easy-to-digest nature of Twitter updates means that people can quickly share or re-tweet your updates, and they can spread like wildfire.

Following relevant companies
Not only can you build your own following, but you can follow and keep tabs on your competition, related businesses and companies to get a grasp on what the financial industry is doing.

Increase traffic
You can include your company URL in your Twitter profile, post links to your website and utilise tweets to drive more traffic to your business website.

Twitter lists
Lists are a way for Twitter users to create lists of useful businesses or pages. Getting your business added to a popular list can mean long-term exposure and traffic with minimal effort.

Twitter lets you create a bio for your company that summarises what you do and who you are. It’s a great way to reach out to a large audience and deliver your message in short, understandable terms.

Local followers
You can leverage Twitter to tap into local business by target geographic locations or local news and happenings. Making the most of local business is one of the great advantages that social media has to offer.

Armed with an understanding of what Twitter can do for your financial advisory firm, you’re ready to start using this powerful platform to bring in new prospects, fans, followers and clients to your business website.

Jim Kirk, Senior Consultant, Goldmine Media

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