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How digital marketing can provide significant opportunities to financial advisers

What does it take to create a successful digital marketing campaign? There are many factors, but the following are critical to success.

Build content that is different, relevant, intriguing and engaging. Consumers want to engage when the social content is great and an idea has captured their imagination.

Falling on deaf ears

To put the need for compelling content in perspective, a recent study revealed that 50% of digital campaigns fall on deaf ears, resulting in a tremendous waste of the marketing budget.

Simply posting daily questions, promotional offers and updates is not enough to hold the attention of already-engaged consumers, nor will it be sufficient to attract new prospective clients. The key is to ensure the content is itself riveting and attention worthy.

Trending on the digital medium

Set trends and be unconventional; trending on the digital medium is real. It can be tracked, monitored, measured and assessed. Set the trend and a brand can stand out.

Leverage multiple digital media avenues to ensure 360-degree coverage. The digital space is now so vibrant and ripe with multiple platforms – publishing, search engines, content streaming, messaging, peer-to-peer sharing, web-based ecommerce enterprises, personal web pages – that success cannot be built on only one platform.

Targeting end stakeholders

Successful financial adviser campaigns succeed by targeting their end stakeholders using at least two platforms and then fostering an online environment where the campaign can grow and effectively multiply.

New and emerging technologies such as location-based technology and near-field communication will allow marketers to be more innovative and targeted on their end stakeholders.

Evaluate online campaigns

Gather and mine data, and evaluate online campaigns. The explosion of digital content, access to the Web and social media offers financial advisers the ability to collect and analyse detailed information that was previously unavailable.

Data is key to the interface between consumers and brand, and the digital media provides ready access to that data. It is a vibrant and evolving medium, and data gathering and analysis not only provides insight into what consumers want but also gives pointers to emerging consumption preferences.

As Wi-Fi spots proliferate, mobile devices will increasingly become the platform through which people socialise, communicate and share their brand preferences, thoughts and complaints.

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Goldmine Media

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