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Why your marketing campaigns need to be mobile-friendly

With a huge 40% of emails now opened on mobile devices, financial advisers are under pressure to ensure that all of their innovative emarketing campaigns are mobile-friendly.

Metrics that track email marketing data show a trend that marketers cannot afford to ignore. People are moving away from desktop and laptop viewing, preferring instead to view emails on smaller devices. Even if the viewing is difficult or awkward, readers don’t default to their larger standby computers. Instead, they delete or close the email and settle into happy surfing on their smartphone or tablets, giving all their attention to websites with excellent mobile appeal.

This provides a problem for websites which haven’t been upgraded to a mobile-friendly format. They lose out in the world of mobile browsing and mobile marketing in general. New apps and strategies to pitch products, coupons and custom promotions to mobile consumers arise every day. However, until a business has created the right environment and mindset to engage with clients and prospects via their mobiles, they can’t make use of any of the new advancements.

The result is that the unprepared lose out on the opportunity for mobile conversions, mobile profit and a wider mobile audience. With the majority of people now relying on smartphones for email and around 40% of all email promotions being opened on mobile devices, the losses will be too big to ignore. To make a good first impression – which will be your only impression – you must embrace mobile strategy NOW.

Smartphones and tablets come equipped with the options to resize content, but not everything looks good or works properly when reduced to fit a smaller scale. Websites must now be designed with the following concerns in mind:

Less text – Whether on the page or as part of an image, too much text is tedious to read on the tiny screens of a mobile device. A wall of text is unattractive and mostly illegible. Keep text to a minimum and say only what is essential – and make that engaging
Properly sized images – Don’t use images that are too big or too small
Make the key features of the page easy to find and use – Many visitors are looking for specific utilities and shouldn’t have to click several links and be escorted through several pages to finish any type of transaction

If you can only optimise a little marketing or website content at a time, consider email segmentation. Segmenting email lists will help you funnel the right traffic to the select content that’s optimised for mobile.

To see how Goldmine Media can help you enhance business retention and brand loyalty through digital and mobile-friendly channels, please contact us today.

Jim Kirk, Senior Consultant, Goldmine Media

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